Modding N64 Games & Developing Software - Beginners Guide

Tutorials on how to do modifications on the N64 are published here
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Modding N64 Games & Developing Software - Beginners Guide

Post by DSolarboy » 1 year ago


This tutorial will give you a starting point of what you will need if you want to hack existing N64 games or develop your own software/homebrews.

Big up to gr8ful123, who allowed me to use his turorial on kbase64. All credit belongs to him!

What you will need:
  • 64Drive HW2 or Everdrive V3 or a cycle-accurate emulator
  • a Hex Editor
  • MIPS/ASM experience
  • C-Programming experience
Emulators Emulator - Plugins C Programing Guides ASM & MIPS Tutorials,OpenGL Reading, N64 Software & Documentation
Some general tools
N64 LEVEL EDITORS & TUTORIALS Homebrew Tech Demo Examples Homebrew N64 Games (WIP) Console-Incompatible Level Editors
  • Skelux's SM64 Editor 2.2 - SM64 Editor 2.2.3 is a utility for Super Mario 64 to import new models and new music into the game. Does not work on Real Hardware
N64 Game Engines/Editors Under Development DISCORD LINKS (never expiring) That´s it so far. If you have recommendations of stuff to add and/or questions, please just go ahead.